Working in Calm Engineering

We have a simple mission at Calm: To make the world a happier and healthier place. Calm Engineering builds and operates the products and platforms which help us contribute to that mission every day. We're a small team relative to what we've done so far, and we're continuing to grow to take on more of the opportunities that we're excited about but haven't been able to get around to yet! If you might be interested in working with us, this page is for you to get to know a bit more about us, as well as learn about our open roles.

Interview Process

To help you get to know about and succeed in our interview process, we've written guides to prepare our interview processes. Read on to learn more about:

Open Roles

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Calm's company values are

  • Growth Mindset
    The Calm team is curious. We love reading, learning and sharing ideas. We are always looking for new ways to develop and sharpen our skills
  • Hungry and Humble
    We love working with driven and ambitious people who want to change the world. We don’t shy away from difficult challenges
  • High EQ
    We are thoughtful, mindful, inclusive and respectful in our interactions with colleagues, partners and customers. We are humble, empathetic and compassionate. We value clear and concise communication
  • Results Focused
    We are a commercially minded organization and track our key metrics and revenue carefully. We are data informed in our decision making. We test and iterate to constantly improve our product and processes. We celebrate our wins and learn from our missteps
  • Resourceful
    We roll up our sleeves and get a lot done by thinking up creative and simple solutions to problems. We continue to care deeply about using time and money efficiently as we grow
  • Teamwork makes the dream work
    Teams are a very important part of Calm and we recognize that great teams need safety, clarity, meaning, dependability and impact. We are all on individual teams but the ultimate team is all of us working together at Calm. All our careers will bloom if the company blooms
  • Magic
    Calm is not an ordinary business. In creating the unique Calm experience for our customers we find innovative, memorable and creative solutions. The magic of Calm is what sets us apart from our many competitors
  • Relentless
    We are not complacent and are always pushing forward. We are operating in a highly competitive market and understand that speed matters


We love technology, and love our mission even more. We like to use modern tools that keep us productive, but we're also willing to hold off that tempting migration project to ship a major user feature or launch a key partnership.

We use a handful of different technologies across our stack:

  • Android development happens primarily in Kotlin with MVVM architecture, Dagger2 and RxJava.
  • Backend writes most code in a JavaScript monolith backed by PostgreSQL. We are in the process of migrating to TypeScript.
  • Data builds with Python, SQL and Golang. We use Airflow and DBT for orchestration and modeling, Redshift as our primary data store, Kinesis and SQS/SNS for event messaging, Sagemaker and Personalize to train and score our ML models, and Tableau for data visualization.
  • DevOps works primarily in Golang, Kubernetes, Helm, Terraform and AWS.
  • Frontend development happens primarily in TypeScript, React and Next.js.
  • iOS development happens primarily in Swift, with a mix of UIKit & SwiftUI, utilizing MVVM when appropriate and backed by the Realm database.

Learn More About Us

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